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Cannabis Oil and Extract Manufacturing

G1’s production process starts with high quality, clean (pesticide free) biomass, sourced from licensed cultivators throughout California. Using state of the art liquid petroleum gas (LPG) extraction we are able to produce a consistent crude extract that is then distilled into pure golden cannabis oil. We work with our brand partners to find solutions that are the best fit whether this pertains to customized manufacturing options to custom designed filling and packaging solutions. Our extensive knowledge and experience ensures our clients success.


Our Team’s pledge to continually search for a better way of doing things has led to many industry breakthroughs — in quality, extraction, distillation and formulation.

G1's Rapid R&D process: Do you have a new idea, concept product or a way to make an existing product even better? Our world-class facility is located in beautiful Cathedral City California, uses state of the art equipment and proficient scientific staff that you can work with directly to bring your thoughts to a reality. Over the years, we’ve formulated vape cartridges, edibles, topicals, soft gels, concentrates and more. Our experience launching new solutions and standardizing products streamlines and expedites the process. Whether you want to create a game-changing infused tincture, inhalable oil, a cream, or something no-one has even heard of yet, we have the ability to help formulate it.

Private Labeling

Providing white label services to industry partners is a key service in our business model. G1 can assist with hardware, packaging and product development. If you have private label needs please reach out to us at sales@G1extracts.com.